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Lipo Lasers: Which to Buy?

May 7, 2017 • EP

Many fat laser removal systems are currently on the market. These machines are used in professional settings, and are an alternative form of liposuction that both men and women can use. If you are a professional who wishes to add a laser fat removal machine to their facility, the biggest question is which model should you buy?

Before you browse the selection of lipo lasers available, you first need to make a few considerations. First, what kind of budget do you have for the purchase? Some lasers cost as little as a few hundred dollars, while others cost well into the thousands. It is imperative that a budget is set ahead of time. Next, what kind of features do you want on the machine? Some models are basic, others are feature-filled, and it is up to you to compare. What are other providers saying about the different models? Getting other people’s opinion’s is beneficial because it helps narrow the selection and more.

Reviews are available, and these make it much easier to find the best laser machines available today. There is no cost to read the reviews, and with so much information inside, it only makes sense to read them, and use them to your advantage.

With these things in mind, the following laser machines for fat removal are the top-recommended models you can purchase. These models are recommended for their price, durability, features, and outstanding performance.

Photo Biotech 600

The Photo Biotech 600 is one of the top models of fat removal laser machines out there today. This laser has 192 diodes, and provides fast and effective treatment sessions that rids the fat from the body quickly. This product is moderately priced.

Strawberry Laser

The Strawberry Laser is one of the most superb laser fat removal machines out there today. The price tag on this machine is about $90,000, but if you have an upscale facility, there isn’t a better investment. This laser machine has four paddles, is FDA approved, and designed to help your patients safely and effectively remove weight.

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SlimCo BodyLight

The SlimCo BodyLight is another of the top fat removal laser machines. This product has a cost right under $40,000. The laser has one of the most potent LED machines around, and gets the fat off the body fast. Providers like the machine because it is easy to use.

MyLipo LED

MyLipo LED is another top-rated laser fat removal machine. This model is available in two different versions. The laser remover has four pads or eight pads, depending upon the model that you choose. And, it is strong and highly effective, while also maintaining ease of use.

When you offer fat laser removal for your patients, you will enhance your practice, help your business name grow, and, of course, add more money to your bank account. Look at the above models if you are interested in a great machine that will live up to your expectations and give you these exciting benefits and more.

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